Planning Your Next Sunroom Project

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So, your wife has been talking to you about getting a small room off of the kitchen so she can entertain friends and family without them tracking dirt through the house. You looked into tents, patios and other options bur really haven’t found anything that really suits your needs. So, now, after discussing the topic you finally agreed to add a sunroom in Champaign, IL.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is an extension of your living space out into the outdoors while still being under cover. It’s having a place to sit and read, play games, or spend time with friends and family without getting wet if it rains. They are used in many areas of life because they have several advantages over other types of structures:

·    Sunrooms are an easy way to add more natural light and less artificial light into your living space.

·    Sunrooms keep you warmer during the winter months because they block wind and surrounding cold air from entering the interior of your home.

·    They provide a north-facing barrier of protection that helps reduce summertime heat gain in the house.

·    They can be used as a space for plants and flowers that would not normally do well in the area.

add a sunroom in Champaign, IL

·    They offer additional living space to your family at minimal cost.

Sunrooms are a nice addition to any home, but they have some disadvantages as well:

·    Even with careful consideration, sunrooms can retain heat during the summer months.  

·    If you don’t choose the right materials, it can be hard to keep the sunroom looking new.

·    If you don’t plan properly, it can be difficult to get around inside of your home when the sunroom is filled with furniture and accessories.

·    They are generally more expensive than other patio options.

·    You’ll require additional window coverings or blinds to make sure it stays private and secure.